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Your Web Site Content Look and Feel

The way your web site looks and its "feel" reflects strongly on your organization. This is a bit like a sign hanging over a shop; a bad looking sign poorly designed and placed will focus people's attention to the tackiness and triggering the thinking that if this is what the looks like, then the products or services are probably of a poor quality too.

Every web site owner MUST ensure that their business is presented well online, with a visually striking design and a heavy focus on the business image and identity. GECS create website designs that assist potential customers, and partners find out more about your business and view it in a favorable light. If you are attempting to enhance your brand identity or you businesses' image then select a web site design company with artistic flair and experience in design and web site graphics. GECS have developed numerous designs for a large variety of companies to develop their unique brand and identity, based on close client liaison. We always liaise closely with a business to understand the current its image and the type of design that will help the business carry itself forward. We strongly believe that every business deserves its own strong identity on the Internet.

When planning the look and feel of your website, your objectives should be to consider some the following factors to help you develop a suitable web site design:

Maintain a clean look for your web site and not overstated, not too "busy" or in your face. Less colors with lots of white space help develop a bright, airy feel.

Include photographs to help develop a classier and a professional look. Some photos use effectively can be very effective on some business websites.

Don't use too many graphics on the website. Some graphic designers prefer to design sites with lot of graphics. Some have fast Internet connections that prevent them from assessing how long their web sites take to download on a slower 56K modem. Make sure that you keep your web site page size to a minimum level. Resist against a designers' eagerness in showing off their skills, which will adversely effect your website loading speed. A quick website is crucial.

Bear in mind that the colors and graphics that you choose for your web site will influence visitors' perceptions of your business, their state of mind, and their emotional reaction and response.

The look of all your pages needs to be consistent throughout the web site. Avoid the temptation, as a novice would, in using too many colors and fonts that are vastly available. Place limits on the number of fonts and colors to two, maybe three per page, maximum. The intention is to reassure your web site visitors of your solidarity and stability, not to convince them you are wildly artistic.

Identify the type of website look that your target market is likely to be interested in. For example, you will want to make you web site more visually compelling with good graphics and design if your audience is from industries such as the arts, media, entertainment etc so that the website look is a showcase of your graphics capabilities to keep the visitors interested. On the other hand, if your audience want to see "just the facts", then give them just the facts.

Designs of other people's websites can provide good inspiration and ideas and give you the chance to see the type of designs that may not want to apply to your own website. This is particularly important if you are using somebody else to design your website for you.

Contact  GECS  to see how we can help you realize your vision of your website design. We will be glad provide assistance and guidance to put you in the right direction and translate your vision into a visually striking website design.

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