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How to create Web Site Content?

When you start to plan your web site content, you will need to identify your most important audience and focus your message on them. Your website will not only be viewed by your customers, but also by many others.

Focus on clearly stating what the main purpose of your web site is and then give the visitors some options of where to go from there.

GECS believes in purpose as being the keyword here. Keeping the purpose clear will prevent you from being lost in the temptation to be all things to everyone. Maintaining a purpose will assist on simplicity of delivery.

The information that you contain on your pages must be clear, concise and interesting to the web site user, with links to additional details if needed

The three main aims of your web site content will be to:

1. Attract visitors to your website

2. Convince them you are experienced, knowledgeable and competent enough to trust with their business

3. Tell the site visitors about what you do and your business

Content is king, and it is what will either make or break your website.

For instance, if the objective of your website is to educate visitors, then focus on keeping your content fresh and "credible". Ensure that your website develops a reputation as being a reliable resource.

On the other hand, if your intention is business related, then look at the web site from the customer's perspective. Content that is important to you and your employees may be completely irrelevant to your web site visitors.

Once your web site is online, implement some sort of a feedback system to make sure that your web site visitors can pass on their comments to help you meet their needs. These extra features can be of a great benefit in gauging the true effectiveness of your website. Have comment forms on the web site that will help you to tailor the information required by structuring the questions and distracters to your needs

Tell your web site design company about the type of web site you require. If you are not sure of the type of website you require then contact  GECS to get further advice, we'll be happy to help