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How to plan your Web Site?

Before you start to plan and create your web site, devote some effort to determine why you really need a web site.

Once you have concluded that you need a website for your business, then start to spend time in designing a plan of what you would like to achieve. We encourage customers to begin with an overall diagrammatic view of the layout of the pages that you would like on your website and how you would like them to link to each other.

This can be in the form of a simple diagram, comprising of a circle in the centre (which will be your "home page" or the main page). From this page, sketch lines to other circles out from this main circle to represent other connecting pages that you would need adding on the web sited. Label each circle (page) with the relevant title. This will form the blueprint for your web site.

This process will help you to categorize your web pages by theme or subject. When you draw new circles representing new web pages for your web site, make sure you determine which circle the new page should branch out from. In most cases you will end up creating sub-branches from other branches.

If you plan to use GECS to build your web site, then the more time you spend in planning your web site, the quicker and more effective the end solution.

Of course, we are at hand to provide you advice and guidelines when required and we can plan the website with you together, so you get what YOU want. Contact us here if you have any questions.